Mark ( on September 3rd, 2007

My name is Mark Mazzo. I’m an amateur woodworker/woodturner/designer living in Upstate New York with my wife and three children.Me.JPG

I’ve been active in woodworking and woodturning for several years and have always had an affinity for creating functional and artistic forms. I enjoy the process of starting with a design idea and bringing that idea to to life in wood.  Starting with a pile of rough lumber or a log on the lathe and ultimately creating a beautiful piece of furniture or a turned object is a thrill that never grows old.

Wood is a wonderful, natural and renewable medium to work in.  It is unique in affording the opportunity to use structure, shaping, figure and color in a design.  This affords the designer the ultimate in flexibility to create pieces of furniture or art.

I continually try to hone both my technical skills and my design capabilities as I work on each piece in my shop.  Hopefully, sharing my efforts with you here will help with your own journey along The Craftsman’s Path.

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