Mark ( on May 12th, 2009

Day 2 of the Hunt Board class was fairly productive.   This will be a fairly short post because I still have some sharpening to do to prepare for tomorrow and I am dead tired!

class-notesmachine-roomIn the pictures you can see the notes on the blackboard with yesterdays mortising assignment.  Notice the that Einstein’s Theory was part of the assignment!  The second shot is a partial view of the machine room that we are using – Marc Adams School has a bunch of SawStop table saws.  So, my experience with and impression of them is very positive.

We spent today preparing our sides, backs and front rails.  This included tenoning the rails and the sides on the table saw.  The tenons were cut with a shop made jig that straddled the fence. Pieces were clamped to the jig and run through the blade.  There were two stops clamped to the fence raik so that both cheeks of the tenons could be cut by sliding the fence from one stop to the other.  This worked reasonable well however, with a fair amount of people using the same setup, there is a possibility for things to move out of adjustment.  This happened and a few of the early tenons that were cut ended up being a bit over-sized.  So, those had to be re-cut.  I guess it was a good thing to be off using the 12″ jointer to prepare the two boards for the top of my hunt board!  I thought I was in great shape being able to use the fresh new setup.  However, in the fray of redoing tenons,  someone before me did not lock the fence down and my first tenon was cut too narrow!  We corrected the set up an the rest of my tenons were fine.  As a result of this I had the extra step to glue on a shim to my tenons on one end of one case side…I’ll re-cut that last tenon tomorrow.

scroll-templateday-2-hunt-board-resultsWith the tenons cut it was time to start fitting pieces on the front so that the top rail measurement could be determined.  This was necessary because of the potential accumulated error across the three scrolled font rails.  This involved fitting all of the tenons across the front and dry assembling the pieces.  Speaking of scrolling, we also traced scrolls on the three front rails and cut them at the band saw.  Tomorrow there will be a bit of clean-up on those as well.  In addition, today did a bit of work on the back and interior partitions.  Tomorrow, those will be taken down to final dimension. In the second picture you can see some of the results of today’s activities as well as the state of disarray on my bench.

Tomorrow will be another busy day.  With any luck we will be at the point of dry assembling the entire case.  Stop by for an update!

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  1. Mark –

    Catching up on your posts. I am amazed that you are keeping up with some photos and a bit of writing each day. Looks like an amazing class! You have to love that shop.

    Did you make the template there, bring it with you or was it provided?


  2. Hey David,

    Definitely the shop of dreams…there’s a lot more of it too. I think we may get a complete tour sometime today.

    The template was provided. I usually make my templates out of hardboard. They used thick-ish white cardboard (same as in the embellishments class). It works well, but won’T hold up as well as the hardboard over time.


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