Mark ( on December 27th, 2008

With the legs for the table complete, I set my aim toward making the top.  I did not have any stock wide enough to accommodate the top in a single piece so, I needed to glue two boards together. In this case I used two rough boards about 6 inches wide to create the top.  […]

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Continuing with my reviews of DVD’s for the SmartFlix Hand Tools course, this time I review the David Charlesworth DVD’s: Precision Preparation of Chisels For Accurate Joinery and Chisel Techniques for Precision Joinery. Like the earlier reviewed DVD’s on Hand Plane preparation and use, these were shot on location at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Again like those […]

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Mark ( on December 9th, 2008

With the rough stock for this table acclimated to my shop for a week or so, I started this project as I usually do, by viewing all of the stock and marking out all of the components for best grain use, etc. I then broke down the rough stock into more manageable, slightly oversize, pieces. […]

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