Mark ( on September 7th, 2007

Every year at this time things start to change: the weather begins to change (at least here in the Northeast it does), kids return to school with high aspirations of a new year, if you are a hunter then that season begins, and Autumn of course signals the start of Football season!

For me this time of year marks the beginning of another period – Woodworking Season! What, you might ask, do you mean by a season for woodworking?

Well for me, activities in the wood shop take place primarily between September and April. The simple reasons for this are:

  • I have a basement shop and the weather here is conducive to working in the shop during the Winter months rather than spending the short Summer months there.
  • During the Summer months there are many other things vying for time – some of which are good and others (read – yardwork) that are, shall we say, just required.
  • Because of this, when I do spend “off season” time in the shop it’s usually to do things like sharpen a lawn mower blade or do some house maintenance that requires some complement of shop tools.

I usually spend the off months working through my reading on woodworking and design and coming up with potential projects for the new season. Often during this time off I also consider potential shop upgrades and/or changes, as well. The upside to this is that I usually go into the season with grand plans for projects, shop changes and maybe even new tools! The downside to this is that because of sporadically “using the shop” in the off season, one of the first events of the “pre-season” is usually cleaning the shop!

Really, I can’t say that I mind the pre-season events – they get me back into the shop on a regular basis and allow me to fully immerse myself into projects there. Even cleaning the shop at the start of the season is rewarding because it paves the way for the future good work to be done.

You may or may not have a season for woodworking but I’m sure that at least some of what I described is true for you too. For me, this year is no different from those previous. I have the shop cleaning task ahead of me as well as a list of shop upgrades that I’d like to accomplish. I also have a few major projects that are on tap that I have to prioritize and get through – at least a couple of those are for my wife so, those get top priority!

In future posts I will be covering the shop upgrades as well as the design and woodworking projects that I have planned. I would like to go through the entire process of designing and building a piece of furniture here on The Craftsman’s Path. Along the way, I will try to detail each step as I complete it and I’m hopeful that will bring more opportunity to communicate with readers for feedback, suggestions and questions as things progress.

In the meantime, please feel free to e-mail me at with questions and also please leave comments here using the comments link at the end of the posts. Above all else, go enjoy Woodworking Season!

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